Booking flight to Hanoi and tasting the flavor of Bun Cha

“Bun Cha” has a same origin with “Pho”. They have been made from rice flour. At the root of the breed, the culinary path of the two fibers is quite different. Typical vermicelli such as snail vermicelli, fish vermicelli… In all kinds of vermicelli (as described by the first grade children in the elementary school), the “Bun Cha” deserves to be placed at the top, as a special face of Hanoi’s vermicelli food.

So, many people have booked flight tickets to Hanoi just to enjoy the taste of “Bun Cha”. It is the reason why Hanoi has a restaurant which is famous about “Bun Cha”, they also named a combo of Bun Cha as the name of President Obama who had visited there.

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A brief of “Bun Cha”

Bun cha is a traditional cuisine in Hanoi, until now, across whole Vietnam, the Hanoi’s “bun cha” always is the best of best street food. Especially, the delicious taste of Bun Cha had been described in many Vietnamese novels which included a famous novel of Thach Lam writer.

combo of Bun Cha as the name of President Obama who had visited there

“Bun cha” seems to be a very simple food, it is a dish of grilled pork, the broth, herb and vermicelli, however, the mixture of these things made a special taste of Bun Cha. The taste of it not only satisfied the food lovers, but only it expressed the most beautiful spirit of Asia food.

There are two kinds of vermicelli which has been using to eat, one is tangled vermicelli, another is mess vermicelli. In addition, the grilled pork also includes many types: grilled meatballs, grilled meat rolls or just simple grilled fatty pork. In general, the favorite type of “bun cha” is depend on the requirements of every customer.

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Nevertheless, most people love Bun cha because of the taste of grilled pork. Many restaurants keep secret about how they seasoned their pork before barbecue in charcoal. Generally, Pork should not be lean too much, because you will feel it dry and hard to eat, a standard pork meat should be just enough lean and fat, the meat’s fatty part will make it turn yellow when you grilled. Thus, the grilled one must be sweet, soft and not too much salty. In another way, some restaurants make their special dishes, they tried some methods to help “bun cha” more delicious, they added spring rolls, fish rolls or crab rolls to have with “bun cha”. It is not a traditional style, though, many customers still require a new change in old styles.

If the vermicelli and the grilled pork were the main body of “bun cha”, the fish sauce will be exactly the soul of it. The soul must be strong, full of flavor, blend with the main body. Perhaps, every restaurant owned a secret of mixing other ingredients with fish sauce.

Where to eat Bun Cha?

it is not really difficult to find a bun cha restaurant in Ha Noi , maybe each street of Hanoi has a “bun cha” restaurant. Before choosing a “bun cha” restaurant in Hanoi, I think it is vital to book a flight to Hanoi first, I recommend you to try where you can search the cheapest flight to Hanoi. Nonetheless, there are also existing some famous restaurants, we can suggest you below.

  • 1 Hang Manh Street;
  • 74 Hang Quat street;
  • Sinh Tu restaurant, No. 54 Nguyen Khuyen street;
  • Duy Diem restaurant, No. 140 Ngoc Khanh street;
  • Huong Lien restaurant, No. 24 Le Van Huu street;
  • Ngoc Xuan restaurant, No. 102 Thuy Khue street.

A small tip for traveler, although “bun cha” is a popular street food in Hanoi, but people have only had it in lunch time. There is no reason why “bun cha” becomes a lunch time food, but it is a real problem when you want to find a place to eat “bun cha” in breakfast and dinner.

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