As a home owner, a garbage disposer is a device that you will not want to miss in your kitchen. It helps reduce the chances of having to deal with clogged and smelly kitchen pipes while making the dish washing process fun.


With a garbage disposal unit installed, you will not have to mind about letting kitchen refuse run through your drain because this device will crash it all down to enable it to move through the drainage efficiently. Once you decide to buy one of these grinding units, you need to find out if local regulations allow you to have one of these units. Apart from that, there are other factors that you need to put into consideration to get the best garbage disposer. Before giving you some tips on how to get the best disposal, let’s have a brief discussion on what a garbage disposer is.


What is a garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal or disposer is an electrically operated device fitted to the waste pipe of the sink in your kitchen that helps grind food wastes that run through this pipe to smaller pieces, for a fast and efficient disposal. These disposers fall under two broad categories, a batch-feed garbage disposal, and a continuous-feed garbage disposal.

A continuous-feed model is affordable, convenient and the most popular garbage disposer. To operate this disposer, you simply need to put food to grind into it and switch it on. You can also keep adding scrap into it while running enabling the grinding task to move faster. However, this model is harder to install and not as safe as the batch-feed model.

The batch-feed garbage disposer on the other hand only turns on when you place the stopper on the opening. Hence you can be sure that a kid will not operate it making it a safe option. However, this type of grinder costs more while it takes more time to dispose of large amounts of kitchen refuse.

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How to choose the best garbage disposer

Now that you have an idea of what a waste grinder is, read on and get some idea on what to consider to get the appropriate disposal unit for your kitchen.

  1. Horsepower

Garbage disposals come in various horsepower units. You will find those that come with a power of 1/3, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4, or 1. For you to get the proper garbage disposal based on its power, you need to consider how often you will use it on a daily basis as well as the number of household members. If you have many family members and expect to use this disposer on a frequent basis, you need to go for a unit with more horsepower units. The reason behind is if you opt for a garbage disposal with small units and tend to use it a lot, it will wear out fast from the fact that you will be making it work more than it is engineered. Therefore, determine the amount of waste you want to grind on a daily basis and how often you will grind this waste, and use that to lead you for the most applicable appliance. Check for the power unit labels on this units to get to know how strong they are.

  1. Go for stainless steel blades

Garbage disposals vary based on the material that makes the blades. You need to opt for a disposer made of stainless steel. The reason behind this is that these type of blades tend to make your disposer more reliable, as they are strong, sharper, durable and less prone to wear and tear. Moreover, they will grind your waste food into finer pieces, thereby reducing clogging to increase the lifetime of your machine. Hence, with a stainless steel blade grinder, you can rest assured to have fewer repairs for your disposer and have a disposer that will serve you longer.

  1. Safety

Safety is something that you should not forget to consider, especially if you have kids in your home. Note that the blades of these chambers can result in a lot of damage if you happen to get your hands close to them. Hence, if you want to get the safest option, you should consider going with a batch feed garbage disposal that comes along with a safety cover. Without this cover in place, the kids can’t manage to turn on the disposer, thereby making it safe in your house.

  1. Durability

How long can your disposal last? You do not want to keep spending to purchase new garbage disposers because they break down often. Hence find out how durable these chambers are. The best way to get a lasting disposer is buying your grinder from a reputable manufacturer. Read reviews from previous customers as you will get an idea of how long the disposal unit you intend to buy lasts. Apart from that, get a disposer with anti-jamming capabilities, as this can enable you to prevent early wear and tear of the parts of the disposer.

  1. Warranty

Does your manufacturer guarantee the disposers you want to buy? You should get a garbage disposal with a warranty coverage. This should include protection against material defect, corrosion as well as a mechanical fault. By getting a guarantee, you can be sure not to suffer additional financial losses due to the failure of your machine. Also, check the warranty period coverage which ranges from one year to limited lifetime. Good disposals come with a guarantee that lasts for more years. So, consider what your preference is, even though you will have to pay more to get a desirable grinder.

  1. Other considerations

Apart from the factors listed above, you will need to consider these other factors.

  • Noise level

If noise is a concern for you, you will have to spend more to get a disposer that is quieter. Therefore, get to check on customer reviews, or ask a trusted supplier to recommend a grinder that will not produce much noise when working.

  • Auto reverse mode

This is a feature that helps clear up the waste on the blades to prevent your disposal from jamming. It is an added feature to help make your grinder serve you for long.

  • Cost

How much are you willing to spend? You need to check the price tags of these disposers. Do not get a disposer due to its low price as you might end up having to spend more in the long run. Therefore, ensure that you consider your preferences first, and get a disposal that fulfills your requirements, though at a reasonable price.

  • Electric cord

This determines how easy it is to install your disposal. Some grinders require the services of a technician, while others come with a cable to enable you to attach them to the power outlets.

Benefits of a garbage disposal

When you select the right disposer among the various models available, there are several advantages that you expect unlike when you didn’t have one of these devices. So what are some of these benefits? Have a look at them below.

  1. No more plumbing problems

It is no doubt that you have dealt with some blockages in your sink’s drainage without this unit. Once you buy a disposer, you can be sure not to hire plumbers to unblock your clogged pipes. You will, therefore, save more in the long run while making your home a healthier place.

  1. Peace of mind

It is no doubt that you are always worried about having any food particles falling to the drain of your sink, due to the fear of blocking your pipes. With a disposer, you do not have to worry about letting scrap down the waste pipe of your kitchen. Therefore, when you are in a hurry to clean up your dishes, you can do that fast as you will not need to get rid of food particles before washing the dishes in the sink.

  1. Reduced need to empty the trash can

At one time or another, you have forgotten to empty your trash can. This is inconvenient, considering that this bins can smell fast as food remains decompose fast. With this disposal unit, you will not have to worry about having any smelly trash cans, as you will not need to dispose of food remains in them. Moreover, you will reduce the number of times to empty these bins.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is no doubt that a garbage disposer is a great addition to a kitchen. What would entice a person washing dishes daily, that this unit? It makes the dish washing process fun and one that doesn’t need to worry you. It also helps wash up the utensils fast, meaning that you can leave your kitchen clean even while on a limited schedule. Hence, make sure that you get a garbage disposal, especially if clogging is an issue that you have to deal with almost daily. After all, these units are too way much worth their cost.

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