How to Choose Your First Electric Smoker 2018

How to choose your first Electric Smoker 2018

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How to Choose Your Electric Smoker 2018


Electric smokers are built with outdoors or patio space in mind. They can normally fit in most spaces. Think about where you will place your electric smoker, how often you will be using it, and exactly how much pounds of meat you’re going to smoke at once.

If you’re having guests over, you’ll want to tell them your experience with smoking meat. After all, if you’re not a pro, they will know by how the food comes out! If you have lots of events and parties, you’ll want to buy a smoker with more capacity than some small smokers available on the market.

However, if you’re not smoking meat for more than 2-3 people, you can afford the get a small and powerful electric smoker (instead of the commercial sized ones).


Do your research before you commit to buying an electric smoker. Read reviews and compare features. It’s really tempting to just go online and buy the cheapest product available with lots of reviews.

A solid electric smoker will cost at least $200, if not more. I truly believe that you get what you pay for, so choose a quality smoker. However, price should not be your only factor when deciding on which smoker to buy.

Your product should be highly durable, be safe, and come from a trusted brand. Think about this: you wouldn’t buy a blender without doing your research, so why would you buy a smoker without looking up reviews for it?


Brands like Smokin-It and Cookshack are taking the electric smoker market by storm.  They are beating the old and trusted brands like Masterbuilt and Char-Broil. However, you don’t want to solely rely on the reputation of a certain brand.

Other emerging brands include Big Chief and Smokin Tex, who recently came out with the 1400 Pro, a smoker that weighs 38 lbs but is still easy to move. We rated it 4.5 out of 5 because it lots of space, and gives you the kind of quality smoke only a commercial smoker would.

Normally, most brands have at least two models to compare. Believe it or not, the very a lot. For example, Masterbuilt has the 20070411 smoker and the 20071117, which are completely different in size and features.

How to Choose Your First Electric Smoker


Don’t ever consider an electric smoker that’s not durable. It is just not worth saving a few dollars to sacrifice this. If you choose a quality and durable smoker, it will last more than 10 years, based on our experience. The investment will truly be worth the money.

Electric smokers have two main issues. First, there are issues with the quality of the thermostat. Then, there are often issues with the seal. A unit with a proper seal requires less heat control and keeps a relatively consistent temperature through smoking. This allows you to cook your meats and veggies much better.

Safety & Ease of Use

Even though we covered it last, safety should be your top priority. If you’re a beginner using a smoker for the first time, read through the user’s manual on how to use it exactly. Educate yourself about the different features, switches, functionality, and adjustments you can make to have a better cooking experience.

The truth is, the average person doesn’t know how to use a smoker. It’s up to you to teach yourself. You can only get better at it with time.

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How to use an Electric Smoker

While using an electric smoker can be a bit challenging, it’s fairly easy to learn. However, before you buy a really fancy smoker, you should know how to use it.

Make sure to wear safety gloves to avoid injury. You’ll need wood chips. Place them directly in the appropriate tray. Once the smoker is running, you will put wood chips on the side tray. While you insert wood pellets throughout the smoking process, it will create the smokey flavor you desire for your meat.

  1. Place your meat directly on the grill racks. Like a gas grill, you can put your meat right on them without any foil. If you want to keep the area clean, you can use a container made from steel. Use aluminum foil at the bottom of the chamber if you want to avoid drips.
  2. Continue to locking the door of the chamber.
  3. Using the digital controller, turn your smoker on by pushing the start button. Tweak the timer and temperature to your liking. Sit back and wait for your meat to smoke!

Our Verdict

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about buying your first electric smoker, to actually using it.

As always, remain safe when operating a digital smoker.

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