How To Clean Cold Water Filter In A Washing Machine? – A Step By Step Guide:

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As many of the elements that we have in our house, the washing machine is another of those appliances that have become necessary in any home, making it easier for us to wash clothes.

At the time of carrying out the laundry, it is very frequent that lint, threads, and even small objects that we have forgotten to take out of our pockets, without counting the numerous tissues that we have washed unintentionally and crumble in cellulose balls.

Thanks to the filter that the washing machines have incorporated, these impurities cannot access the water pump.

If this were not so, the water pump would be destroyed.

The washing machine has a filter and I am aware that sometimes we forget until the water starts to flood the laundry.

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A Complete Guide To Clean A Water Filter In Whirlpool Washing Machine:

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Fibers or lint from the clothes, coins that have been forgotten at the bottom of the pocket, papers or small toys of the children, the question is that the water pump of the washing machine, which makes it evacuate the water that accumulates, does not can drag such objects, therefore the placement of a filter before, where they are collected, prevent breakdown and the fright that can cause the domestic economy to have to change the water pump of the washing machine or have to buy another.

In case this filter is not clean, it makes it difficult to get water, causing jams, making the pump work under forced conditions, shortening its life, increasing the likelihood that an object will end up happening and damaging it, and allowing the possibility of a water leak.

It is necessary to check the filter of the washing machine and clean it every so often.

According to the model and its age, you may have to remove from time to time the remains that accumulate in the filter.

Check the manual to find out if it is necessary, how to do it, and how often.

In the case that you have to do it, we’ll start with the filter.

We have to be careful when opening the filter because it is possible that water comes out.

Put a plastic container to collect the water that comes out and with the help of a brush, we will reach all corners.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are doing a maintenance task for the washing machine, we will also clean the unit.

In this way, we prolong the life of our washing machine and make sure it works correctly.

In the world of washing machine whirlpool is the best brand for washing clothes.

Keeping in mind that a whirlpool washing machine is best we will now tell you about the cleaning of the water filter of the whirlpool brand:

Step #1:

Clean Cold Water Filter In A Washing Machine

Remove the lower protection plate.

Loose the two screws that hold the protection plate in place, and gently pull it out to remove.

The protection plate is the lower outer cover of the washing machine.

Step #2:

Place a small bucket under the white hose.

Remove the plug from the white hose to untangle it.

Let the water remaining in the hose drain into the small bucket.

There should not be so much water, but there may be some.

Step #3:

Clean Washing Machine

Look inside the white house.

Check for visible obstructions or lint.

Step #4:

Look inside the hose plug.

This is where the lint filter is.

Remove all visible lint with your fingers. Rinse the hose plug with warm water to remove any remaining lint.

Step #5:

Clean Washing Machine

Turn the cap on the white hose.

Put the protection plate in its place and screw it again.

There is no fixed estimated time to perform this cleaning operation, but it is advisable to do it three or four times a year.

However, at higher usage frequencies, the greater the need to clean the filter.

One way to detect that this maintenance task needs to be carried out is if you notice that, once the complete washing cycle is finished, water remains in the drum.

The filter is usually located in the lower right part of the washing machine.

To prevent the accumulated water from macerating the soil, place a container to collect it.

The process to clean the filter is quite simple as mention above.

Use a small brush to descale the hardest. It is possible that your machine is out of the norm, so it would not hurt to take a look at the manual provided by the whirlpool.

Wrapping It Up!

To prevent filter and to keep clean, try to check the contents of the pockets and shake the clothes well before putting them in the drum.

The filter provides the care for clothes to the maximum level, but like any other device, it needs maintenance that allows us to enjoy its use for much longer.

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