How To Clean Washing Machine Filter Top Leader? – A Step By Step Guide:

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A top-loading washing machine is an appliance used to wash clothes, which has a central drum that is entered from the top through a door or hatch, through which the laundry is introduced.

The drum of the washing machine is filled with water mixed with the detergent that is used, it gives a turn in the different cycles of the washing and has holes that assist in the suppression of the highest water throughout the final stage centrifugation of the clothes.

The movement of the drum is caused by an electric motor.

The frequent motors are located behind and under the drum of the washing machine and they communicate the traction by means of pulleys and belts.

For washing the clothes in a top-loading washing machine remember it is useless to put enough detergent.

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A Complete Guide To Clean Washing Machine Filter Top Leader:

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Remember that what washes the clothes is the conjunction of the mechanical action (the washing of our grandmothers), the water, the time the washing period lasts … and the detergent.

This is simply an ingredient of the magic formula that cleans clothes perfectly.

Avoid taking huge doses, it is not good for your skin or your appliance.

Respect the suggested dose or even a little less.

It is good to understand that you have to dose the detergent in the functionality of water hardness.

If it is slow, use little detergent, if it is hard to use more.

Find out about the water organization service of your social network or take a look at your bill, it puts you hard.

In any situation, use less detergent if you wash little clothing or if it is not quite dirty.

And keep in mind that most detergents are currently concentrated, the reason for not adding too much!

Besides this, the filter in the washing machine is used to collect the specks inside the drum of the washing machine, which allows even the smallest loads to take advantage of it.

When you use your washing machine with little clothing, the water level is much lower and the filters of other models are not used for the low level.

By the position of the filter, each wash will take advantage of this new function so that the clothes are better washed.

The filters in the washing machine allow the motes to be trapped in them, something that benefits both the clothes and the operation of the machine.

Washing machines have longer and wider filters, which ensure that the specks get trapped during the cycle.

Another advantage of the filter is the ease of handling it.

Filters in Washing machines are placed at difficult to access places and, on several occasions, the assistance of a technician is needed to change or clean the filter.

To Make Your Task Easier for Cleaning the Filter Top Loader Below are Some Steps That will make Your Work Easier:

Step #1:

washer cord from the outletUnplug the washer cord from the outlet on the wall and pull the washer from the wall enough that you can access the back of the unit.

Step #2:

Attach the four screws that secure the rear access panel to the back of the washer.

Remove the hexagonal cap screws with a screwdriver.

Pull the rear access panel and the separator on the back of the washer.

The filter top loader is on the back right side of the washing machine and has two connecting hoses to it.

The filter consists of a square piece that locks onto the round housing.

Step #3:

filter top loader with your fingersPress the locking tabs on the filter top loader with your fingers.

Step #4:

The body of the filter with the free hand of the grab and turn it to the right to release the filter top loader.

Pull the body of the filter from the washing machine.

Step #5:

filter insideRemove any residue from the filter inside the body.

This is often where it accumulates lint, small clothes, and hair.

Step #6:

Place the filter on the end of the cover and turn the body to the left to engage the box of the locking tabs.

Step #7:

access panel in positionPlace the access panel spacer on the top of the opening and place the access panel in position.

Secure the access panel with the four retaining screws.

Step #8:

Reattach the filter top loader to its working position and connect the power cord to the socket.

After following the above steps make sure that there is no material left that poses an obstacle for the water to pass.

Then, wet the cloth with a little mild soap and pass it through the washing machine.

Thus, you will leave a good smell and remove any stain left.


After the cleaning of the filter, the top loader makes sure that you repair and maintain the other essential parts of the washing machine.

To make the washing machine life longer.

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