Color me Relaxed: Color Ideas for Your Home Walls

The home is a safe space from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. It’s natural that your house should be comfortable not only with the furniture that you use but for the colors that you choose as well.

This article will be your guide in choosing colors for your wall paint which will help you achieve a relaxed vibe in your home. Examine the colors and see if you’re comfortable in using these colors for your home.

Living Room

  • Blue-Gray

This shade comes close to the color of the sky on a rainy day. Rainy days are relaxing because the weather is cold, and the sound of the rain is also soothing. Painting your living room with this shade will remind you of rainy days and cozy times inside your house.

  • Colorhouse Clay

This warm coral shade is perfect for the living room. It’s not too loud but not too light either. If you’re looking for the ideal balance between light and dark, this shade is perfect for you.

  • Celestial Blue

This pale shade is similar to the color of the sky during early dawn when the light is just beginning to break out. It’s as if you see the sky every time you wake up and see this color on your ceiling or walls.

  • Light Pink

The lightness of the color will reflect sunlight, and also the light inside the room. It will add a rosy glow to the room, and the color is soothing to the eyes. The shade is light but not drab because it looks very refreshing.


  • Soft Gray

This shade is light and soft, making it perfect for a relaxing bedroom setting. The color is quite similar to fog, so painting your room with this color will make your room appear cool.

  • Icy Blue

Icy blue will remind you of a bright day with no clouds and minimal sunlight in the sky. This shade is perfect if you don’t like gray but you also don’t want to paint with a tone that’s too dark.

  • Purple

Purple is an intense color. It might be hard to paint your walls with this color but don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant colors for your house. These colors can make your home beautiful, too.

  • Lavender

Lavender is a softer shade than purple, so this shade might work if you want to go for purple hues, but you don’t want a color that’s too dark. Lavender has a soothing vibe to it which will help you relax in the bedroom.

Dining Room

  • Mauve

Mauve is the perfect blend of gray and violet which is ideal for your dining room if you’re trying to go for formal and relaxing at the same time.

  • Coral

This shade glows with brightness, but it’s not hurtful to the eyes. This color will remind you of a gorgeous sunset, when the sun loses some of its intense red colors, giving way to a soft but not too bright coral color.



  • Light Green

Green is a soothing color for the eyes. Paint your bathroom walls with this shade, and you’ll feel more relaxed when you’re taking a bath or taking a dip in the bathtub.

  • Warm Gray

Gray’s neutral tones won’t make your Interior Painting look boring. It will make your bathroom look formal and elegant. It will also complement white bathroom fixtures.

  • Aqua

This color will remind you of white sand and clear, blue sea water. What better way to relax in the bathroom than to imagine that you’re at the beach, hearing the sea waves, and lounging in the summer sun?


Finding the right color and shade for your walls is hard, but it’s not an impossible task. Put your preference above all and go with colors which you love. Don’t be afraid to try using strong colors like purple, or light shades like a soft gray. It can be fun to mix and match some colors that you like.

Painting your house walls can be fun, and you can also learn how to blend different colors. Choose the best color that will give you a relaxed atmosphere in your home so you’ll want to come home immediately every day.

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