What to Consider in Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

Generally, memory foam is a very difficult product to understand. The internet may give you false impressions that make the product difficult to understand and it may be hard on your part in choosing the right one for you.

What to Consider in Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

There are two factors that must be considered before buying a memory foam product online. The primary factor is density and the last is ILD (Indention Load Deflection – or FIRMNESS). Most product listings don’t even cite ILD and density is often times mistakenly described in eBay.

What to Consider in Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

What to Consider in Buying Memory Foam Mattresses Online

Density tells you how much one cubic foot of memory foam weighs. Density measures quality only and not firmness. The usual density is 5 lb. memory foam and that is where the uncertainty begins. Tempur-Pedic material was the first memory foam to come onto the market. Its density is 5.3 lbs. per cubic foot. This has been the standard for measuring quality in memory foam products.

For a topper, 3 lb. memory foam or better will normally be enough. For a mattress, 4 lb. memory foam or better is suggested. If the density is less than 4 lbs. per cubic foot, the memory foam mattress will not last for a long time. You can simply anticipate 4 lb. or better mattress to last for more than 10 years.

There is an innovative kind of memory foam that weighs in at an 8 lb. density. Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress has a new type that is offered to have a 7.2 lb. density. These super-high density memory foam mattresses are an attractive product that will create new styles in the foam bedding industry.

Foam products are measured by ILD. This measuring process might be difficult to understand but I will try my best to explain it in plain English. The convenient way to recognize ILD is to use a sliding scale. The most common ILD ratings are from 8-20. 8 would be plush and 20 would be firm. Tempur material has a 14 ILD and has a medium firmness level. Memory Foam with an ILD rating of 10 is plush and has a density of 5 lb. ILD is an important factor that must be considered when buying memory foam products anywhere.

Creation of Memory Foam Mattresses

There are 3 main ways in creating memory foams.

  1. The molding process is the first way to create memory foam. Tempurpedic creates their memory foam this way. This process uses chemicals that many other memory foam manufacturers also use, but it is honestly a sub par way to create memory foam that results in the variation on how each mattress feels. You can test this for yourself and you’ll find that some Tempurpedic mattresses that have the same model will feel dissimilar when tested.
  2. The second way to create memory foam is in a vacuum sealed chamber. Foamex uses this way to create their memory foam. It provides a solid feel and a consistent product.
  3. The last way might be quite alarming to use. Almost all Chinese memory foam is created using this way. They generate congested cell foam and then they compress it to create open called memory foam. These results to an experience that is fairly dependable and honestly not as awful as it sounds. Chinese memory foam has created better quality in the last few years and has reasonable value and at lower prices than some of the common brand names.

85% of listings in eBay is set up by only two different companies. These tow companies give false information. One company is giving incorrect information about their products and the other uses other company’s IDs to mislead customers into seeing false competition. Thick thoroughly and be very careful when buying memory foam mattresses on eBay. Be sure not to fall to the seller’s trap and check on its memory foam mattress reviews.

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