How To Cover Up Pimples Without Makeup – [Short Guide]

Have you got a pimple on your face? How many of you applying the different products so that you can hide the pimples?

Almost majority of you applying the different product on their face to hide the pimples.

Have you ever thought that you can also cover up the pimples without this product?

I know you people may search here and there for the right solution to hide the pimple without any product or makeup.

Like many people hide their pimples with makeup, but the end result is worst.

Covering the pimple with makeup isn’t the right solution for it.

Yes because sometimes the pimple gets red and it also appears even when you have made up your face.

A Complete Guide To Cover Up Pimples Without Makeup:

Pimples Without Makeup

Don’t worry! As we are bringing some amazing techniques that will really help you out to hide or cover the pimple without makeup.

Yes, you heard it right. We are bringing some amazing ideas that will really help you out.

If you people really want to get the best possible result then you have to carefully read the article fully.

This whole article consists of real and amazing ways that will really cover your pimple without any makeup.

Have you ever tried natural remedies for hiding the pimples that appear on your face?

Well, I guess no one has ever applied natural remedies to cover the pimples on their face.

Because you have not to guide that natural remedies can also cover the pimple without any makeup.

But wait we are here to serve you each and every idea that will really helpful for you.

Let’s first discuss the natural remedies and how they work?

Yes, first we will write about the natural remedies that will actually help you to cover the pimple without any makeup:)

Natural Remedies:

Natural Remedies

1. Turmeric & Honey:

The very first natural remedy that will really help you to fade your pimple without any makeup.

Through research, it has been concluded that the combination of honey and turmeric can really help you out to hide the pimple.

Like if there appears any pimple on your face you have to simply apply the honey on that area and slight turmeric on it.

Then you have to massage that area and leave it for the whole night.

The next day when you get up you have to clean the entire face and remember that you moisturize the skin at the end of the day.

2. Tomato:


Tomato is an amazingly valuable item and the nearness of oxalic corrosive in it lessens the pimple scars.

Its utilization over some stretch of time can diminish the event of pimples and furthermore oust scars and dim spots.

For another pimple, simply rub a tomato cut on it and don’t wash your face subsequently.

Give the juice a chance to evaporate on your skin. Wash it off following 60 minutes.

Repeat this procedure no less than twice every day to see a distinction.

This will give you a reasonable thought on the most proficient method to cover pimples normally in a short period.

3. Ice Cube:

Ice cube is the genuine response to realizing how to cover pimples without cosmetics.

It is the best and the least expensive cure with regards to becoming dull a pimple or making it looks less apparent.

When you put an ice block on your pimple, it won’t just diminish the redness however it will sort of therapist the pimple down.

Medium-term you will see that a pimple has mysteriously diminished!

You can say thank you in the comments box. If you really get the results.

How to Cover Pimples Without Makeup?

Pimples Without Makeup

Here we will write on how one can cover the pimples without any makeup.

You have to be careful while reading these steps.

1. Use a Warm Compress to Decrease Redness:

The main reason a pimple looks so obvious is a result of the redness.

If you have popped a zit as of late, this specific one will be exceptionally red and prominent.

Utilize a warm pack and tenderly push on the pimple just as the encompassing territory to quiet it down.

Keep in mind not to push down on it too hard in light of the fact that then you may finish up popping it!

2. Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

You may have utilized a chemical to keep your skin clean, yet not utilizing a decent or cured cream will evaporate your skin and once in a while, it might even drop (for the individuals who have additional dry skin).

So once you have cleaned and washed your skin, utilize a sedated cream to your skin in a meager layer.

Try not to slather on a lot on your pimple.

3. Get Bottom of Zit:

Things being what they are, how would we really get a pimple?

At the point when soil obstructs a skin pore-it’s as straightforward as that!

So to counteract the event of all the more such zits, you should keep your skin squeaky clean.

Be that as it may, recollect, zits can be troublesome, and scouring solid chemicals on them can really expand the number of pimples.

So go purchase a chemical that is delicate on your skin.

Use it promptly in the first part of the day and before going to bed.


I don’t think so that you people might get anything better from this.

Because we have written each and every single detail that will 100% give you the result for covering the pimple on your face without pimples?

Go and apply these remedies.

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