How to Fix Cracked Bathtubs? – (A Complete Guide)

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Plastic bathtubs are the most convenient and affordable option when it comes to bathtubs.

As with every other product, there are pros and cons to buying a plastic bathtub.

A plastic bathtub is cheap, easily available, and easily installed as well.

There is no doubting the perks of buying such a bathtub, but we cannot deny the obvious downsides that may occur later on.

In comparison to the other more expensive options such as ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and steel tubs, plastic bathtubs are not as sturdy.

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A Complete Guide To Fix Cracked Bathtubs:

Fix Cracked Bathtubs

People have started using acrylic plastic as opposed to regular plastic because it is a slightly more durable material.

However, no matter the durability, accidents can always occur and damage may be caused to your bathtub.

A crack may be formed in your bathtub because of faulty installation, accidents, or overuse.

In any case, it can be quite costly to have to replace your bathtub. If your bathtub develops a crack, it will need immediate fixation because the water may seep through the crack.

If the water starts to seep, it will not only wet your washroom, it may even cause leakage issues for the other residents if you live in an apartment building.

The need for immediate fixation arises the instant you notice a crack in your bathtub because, from that point onwards, the crack will get bigger and bigger.

Understandably, the bigger the crack is, the more severe the issues will be.

The stress cracks in a bathtub can pave the way for larger and deeper openings in the tub. As a result, water may overflow from the walls and floor of the tub.

The incessant exposure to water can wear out your bathroom tiles and rust your faucets and bidet showers.

Our Best Pick For Bathtub:

Our Best Pick For BathtubWorse, you or your family member could trip and fall because of the slippery surface of the bathroom.

The thing about bathroom malfunctions is that it does not only create an issue for you, it can also be problematic and inconvenient for the people who live on the floor below you as water may leak into their bathroom ceiling.

This can happen with those in apartment buildings.

Once your bathtub has developed a crack, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

If you find yourself in a similar position, know that you may not have to replace the bathtub altogether.

such a major replacement can be very heavy on the pocket.

People must have told you that your only option is to replace your bathtub or hire a plumber to affix the crack.

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If you cannot shell out money on another bathtub or you do not have a vacant plumber in your area, what can you possibly do?

Thankfully, there are ways that you can fix that pesky crack in your bathtub all by yourself.

This must sound heavenly to those who prefer to do the odd jobs around their house. And we have got your back!

Here is a step by Step Guide for How to Fix a Crack in the Bathtub:

Step #1: Cleaning:


Things Needed:

  1. Bathroom cleaner
  2. Sponge

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done when you see a crack in your bathtub is cleaning!

If you are hoping to fix that crack anytime soon, your bathtub should be nothing short of squeaky clean.

Before beginning the cleaning process, make sure your bathtub does not have any existing water in it and drain it fully.

Grab a sponge and bathroom cleaner. Fill a bucket full of water and pour in an ample amount of the bathroom cleaner into it.

Soak your sponge into the mixture and begin scrubbing the bathtub gently.

Make sure you scrub every part of the bathtub as this can reveal additional cracks too if any.

Rinse the bathtub with water and drain the water again.

Step #2: Drill And Fill:

Drill And Fill

Things Needed:

  1. Drill
  2. Polyester filler/Epoxy

Before beginning this step, ensure that your bathtub is fully dry.

We recommend using a cloth to wipe the bathtub even if you feel that it is already dried up.

Set your drill to the lowest setting, and drill one small hole at each end of the crack.

Make sure that you do not drill through to the other side of the bathtub.

The hole should be drilled halfway only.

Polyester filters are easily available in supermarkets, epoxy is not as easily available though, because it is used by professionals and it is also more effective.

Get your hands on either one of these. The filling is required so that the crack does not progress.

Fill the holes you drilled with the filler, completely. Let dry.

Step #3: Smoothen and paint:

Smoothen and paint

Things Needed:

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Repair paint
  3. 240 grit and 800 grit sandpaper

The fillings in your bathtub must be completely dry in order for you to carry out this step accurately.

Start to rub the 240 grit sandpaper gently onto the filling areas, so that the filling can blend in with the rest of the bathtub.

Finish off the smoothing process by using the 800 grit sandpaper on the same surface.

Do not overdo it, as the filling may get ruined.

Use rubbing alcohol over the smoothed area to remove dust. After this, spray or paint the repair paint that matches your bathtub, right over the formerly cracked area. Let dry.


And voila! That is all you need to do to fix the troubling crack in your bathtub.

Make sure you carry out the aforementioned steps correctly so that mishaps and unnecessary damages can be avoided.

After you complete the final step, let your bathtub dry. We cannot emphasize this enough.

If you end up using the bathtub before the repair paint has dried, the filling will get ravaged and the crack will reopen.

Leave your bathtub for a day, so you can be able to use it as freely as possible in the coming future.

Who needs a plumber when a genius like you has the knowledge to fix the bathtub yourself?

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