How to Do Bridal Makeup Yourself – Step by Step Guide

Wedding day is the day which women most dream of and this an absolutely true fact.

At the same time, planning and finalizing the bridal makeup look is the most crucial phase of this wedding day.

Here we will tell as to how to do bridal makeup yourself, check out the step by step guide.

On this special day, you have to plan and finalize lots of things and choosing the makeup look to prioritize the most by every single bride.

Step By Step Guide To Do Bridal Makeup By Yourself:

Have a look at this simple guide which will explain you as to how to do perfect wedding bridal makeup.

Correct makeup will bring the right glow and shine on your face.

This is what every bride wants and desire!

If you want to come out as a blushing bride, then follow this step by step guide keenly:

1. Prep Your Skin And Apply a Light Moisturizer:

Prep Your Skin And Apply a Light Moisturizer

The first and basic step while doing bridal makeup is to prep your skin.

Apply a light moisturizer and use a gentle exfoliating cleanser on your skin as well.

If you have any blemish or marks, then avoid rubbing them.

Your skin should look flawless before you apply anything on it.

So, cleanse it properly, apple any face mask if there is a need.

No blackheads and whiteheads should be there.

Look for a moisturizer which is extremely lightweight so that your skin may not feel any burden.

2. Prime Your Skin:

Right after applying the moisturizer, you have to prime your skin.

This primer will block your face pores and your makeup will stay on your face for a long time.

Moreover, this product will try to ensure to hold your makeup for hours and hours no matter you are toasting, crying, or dancing heavily.

It will bring a smooth texture to your fine lines and your wrinkles will get disappeared for a specific amount of time.

3. Applying Foundation:

Applying Foundation

The next step while carrying out a bridal makeup yourself, it is to apply foundation.

Let the primer to set on your skin for a couple of a number of minutes and then you are free to apply foundation.

If the bride has a cool undertone, then she should get a foundation which comprises a rosier, redder or you can blue base shade.

Furthermore, if you have a warm undertone, then look for a foundation shade which comes with a yellow or golden tone.

It is in thin layers that you should apply foundation.

Initiate this application from the middle section of your face then blend it in an outward direction.

Use a high-quality foundation brush so that no fine lines come on your face.

4. Application Of Concealer:

As the foundation is going to even your skin tone.

On the other hand, the concealer application process will hide your blemishes and dark circles.

This makeup product will also help you to cover the red areas of your face.

Apply this product by using a concealer brush.

Its shade should either match with your skin tone or you can get one shade lighter as compared to your skin tone.

5. Using a Translucent Powder:

Using a Translucent Powder

A bride needs to set her foundation and concealer by using a translucent powder.

It is this translucent powder which will perfectly set your base.

The makeup setting compact powder is one of such kind of makeup product which demands less application.

You can use a medium-sized brush so that you can dust up translucent powder lightly over on your forehead and also on the sides of your nose.

Do dust this powder on your chin or in other words on your entire face.

6. Applying Highlighter:

The purpose of applying a highlighter is to make your facial features look larger, prominent.

You will become star-struck the minute you will add this pop of highlighter shade on your face.

This makeup essential should be present in every single bride’s makeup bag.

Highlighter will bring the right glow, dewy look on your face.

Use it in the correct way so that you can enjoy the correct and perfect sparkle or glitter on your special day.

It can be applied to your inner eye corners, towards your nostrils, on your cheekbones, above your brows.

Moreover, you can highlight the downward center section of your nose, the center part of your forehead, and also your chin.

7. Do The Contouring And Apply a Powder Bronzer:

Do The Contouring And Apply a Powder Bronzer

Moving to another step of the bridal makeup guide which is contouring.

Once you are going to set your foundation and highlighter, then move on to the contouring part right away.

If your jawline is not well defined and you want to accentuate your facial features then contouring really matters for you.

You should apply a powder bronzer which is only a shade or two darker as compared to your foundation shade.

Apply it on both sides of your face.

Most importantly while applying a bronzer, you should start from your hairline.

And then you can gradually move down.

Apply it under your cheekbone area as well.

8. Blush Application:

Once bronzing and contouring are done, then here comes the interesting and exciting part for all brides which is blush application.

You have to apply the blush quite gently and lightly.

It is on the apples of your cheeks that this product is mainly applied.

Blend it in an upward direction and then out towards your hairline.

Those brides who have a fair skin tone, should go for the soft rose or baby pink blush shades.

Medium skin tone brides should choose the blush shade which is of cranberry or light raspberry shade range.

9. Eye Makeup Application Process:

Eye Makeup Application Process

Now comes the tricky part of this bridal makeup guide and it is this eye makeup application process.

Brides should try to bring more colors to their eyes and avoid making their eyes darkly dramatic.

At the same time, avoid using shades that are black, paler, muted.

You can apply some brown, grey shade eyeliner or green eyeliner to your eyes.

It is better to use a cream eyeshadow as it will last for a long time.

Never forget to apply powder highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes and also under your brow.

In terms of the eyeshadow color selection part, you can try out bronze shades if you do have green eyes.

Those brides who have hazel eyes should pick up mocha shades.

For blue eye brides.

dark brown and navy eyeshadow shades will work best on them.

10. Applying Eyeliner and Mascara, Tidy Up Your Eyebrows:

Your eye makeup look will look complete and extremely perfect when you will be ready to apply eyeliner and mascara.

Shape up your brows and always use waterproof mascara.

It is recommended to apply a volumizing mascara or a lengthening mascara always.

Furthermore, it is best to apply false eyelashes so that you can get a star-studded look on your wedding day.

Those brides who are not comfortable in using false eyelashes, can use a good eyelash curler.

You can finish off your eye makeup look by framing your entire face with the help of brow powder.

That brow powder shade should be a little bit darker than that of your natural eyebrow color.

11. Creating The Perfect Lip Pout:

Creating The Perfect Lip Pout

The last step of this bridal makeup guide is to create the perfect lip pout.

Do moisturize your lips before you apply lipstick on them.

You can also use a lip hydrator before applying any color to your lips.

Choose the lip shade color which compliments your blush shade as well.

Those who have fair skin, those brides can apply the lip shades like that of nude, light mocha, light mauve.

Brides having warm underspin tones, it will be great if they will apply lip color of nude peach shades.

Brides who have deep skin tone, can fill up their lips with ruby red or wine red shades.

All brides should apply a lip liner so that they can further define the shape of their lips.

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The last step is to get hold of a makeup setting spray so that you can set your makeup look all perfectly.

Just spray it lightly on your face and enjoy your wedding day.

Most probably your makeup look will not look perfect enough if you will not take care of your skin beforehand.

So one to two months before the arrival of your special day, take intense care of your skin so that makeup get set on your face in a flawless way.

Go for a trial makeup as well.

This way bride will get an idea of how her entire makeup look will come out.

This is how anyone of you can do the bridal makeup on her own, this is the basic step by step guide you which you need to keenly follow.

If you have done makeup on your own on your wedding day, then share your experience with us and let us know how brilliantly it came out!

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