Surprising Facts about Real Estate

If you think that you know every single thing and interesting fact about real estate then you are wrong, here we will prove you that!

Here you will come to know about bizarre, funny as well as ridiculous things about the real estate world. 

These verifiable real estate facts are going to shock and at the same time entertain and amaze you on a high note.

So, all of you, just brace yourself and read out these surprising facts.

Interesting And Shocking Facts On Real Estate:

Interesting And Shocking Facts On Real Estate

  • The world’s largest treehouse indeed comprises over 80 rooms and 10 floors.
  • It took about and around 14 years to build that largest treehouse.
  • In most of the major cities which include London, Toronto, and New York, there are complete buildings that exist for the purpose and sake of hiding out vent shafts and utilities and hide cell phone towers and railways.
  • These buildings give off the fake illusion of occupation.
  • There is a five-story pagoda building which is located in Horyuji, Japan.
  • It is the oldest wooden building that is present and exists on earth.
  • It was built by using timber taken from trees in 600 A.D.
  • There are still a few of the castles for sale present in France.
  • The cost of these castles is quite less as compared to the cost of a two-bedroom apartment situated in Australia.
  • The Empire State Building was opened exactly during the phase of The Great Depression. Its space went unrented initially and for the reason that, New Yorkers called this building the name of the “Empty State Building.”

More Entertaining Facts on Real Estate:

More Entertaining Facts on Real Estate

  • There is another interesting fact about the world of real estate.
  • Mark Zuckerberg bought four houses right next to his home located in Palo Alto.
  • Then he leased those four houses back to the families who use to live there.
  • He did that because he does not want to market those houses as “next door to Mark Zuckerberg.”
  • In the year 1997, Pepsi commenced a contest.
  • That contest was about winning a life-size replica of that Simpson’s house or winning $75,000.
  • The winner of that contest chose the option of getting cash.
  • That life-size replica of Simpson’s house got later on renovated and looked like a normal-looking home.
  • hit TV show Friends, in that show you might have seen Monica’s apartment.
  • That apart had an estimated worth of $3.5 million.
  • There is actually a machine that transforms and converts concrete rubble right into Lego kind of building blocks.
  • These blocks let war victims or the victims of natural disasters make their own new earthquake-resistant houses.
  • The Castle’s moat primary purpose is to prevent and stop the attackers from digging any of the tunnels under the castle walls.

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You might get amused by this last interesting fact that Adolf Hitler used to own a mansion in Hollywood. And the surprising part was that he never stepped foot in that mansion!

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