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Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee History and Overview

These days it can be difficult to find a good company from which to purchase the everyday necessity of coffees and teas. While many coffee-drinkers are solely concerned with the taste of their beverages and nothing else, there are still some who like to know that they are giving their business to those who are truly worthy of it. Green Mountain Coffee is such a company that realizes that profits from their fine beverages are simply a way of achieving even higher purposes on this green earth. Along with providing quality hot beverages such as coffees and teas for those who like to give gifts as well as pamper themselves with these drinks, Green Mountain Coffee also hopes to inspire people. Green Mountain Coffee hopes to inspire all of their work associates and customers by creating long-term solutions for the worldwide ecosystem. The way they do business truly defines who they are; they are out to make a statement. Keeping the quality of their coffee products as well as their relationships high up on their priority list has helped them to maintain both a vision and a focus that is worthy of our attention.

Focusing on Their Social Cause

Five percent of all of Green Mountain Coffee’s pre-tax earnings are allocated to environmental and social causes. The purpose of this company is to reach their goals that do not have to do with bottom line dollar figures. They are in this business for the principles of being able to make a difference in the world with their premium gifting coffees and teas. Their motivation seems to be such that it will not be snuffed out by the cruel world of business. Doing good in the world helps to validate the reason that Green Mountain Coffee is who they are. That is why they continue to do so. Supporting Green Mountain Coffee in their vast efforts to make this world a better place is such that you will get everything out of it that you need. Their hot drinks are so delicious that simply getting these prizes in return for your business should be more than enough to satisfy anyone. One step beyond that, though, is the fact that by giving your business to Green Mountain Coffee, you are helping to further their economic cause. Every time you are presented with an opportunity to give someone else a gift, you can help to give back to nature by purchasing gourmet coffee or tea from Green Mountain Coffee. What better option for gift giving could you possibly find?

Award-Winning Coffee & Tea Gifts From Green Mountain Coffee

With Arabica beans that contribute to making award-winning blends to inspire and delight all those who partake, purchasing these products is hardly considered charity. Green Mountain Coffee has the extraordinary option of giving a high-quality, desirable product to the millions of coffee drinkers around the world while still maintaining social responsibility. Green Mountain Coffee’s journey toward providing premium gifts of coffees and teas while helping others around them is one that they invite all to accompany them on. In 2007, the Green Mountain Coffee Chairman of the Board, Bob Stiller, started the beginning phase of creating a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. This helps to ensure that the goals and aspirations that originally began with Green Mountain Coffee will continue to be recognized and fulfilled each and every day in their business. They will continue to provide coffee gifts fit for your friends, work associates, family and even yourself thanks to the high standards and important causes that they are constantly working for. While focusing on their main objective to ‘brew a better world’, Green Mountain Coffee has continued to partner with coffee-growing communities in various areas. By supporting each local community they become involved with through protecting the environment, they have figured out a truly phenomenal opportunity of which they fully intend to continue to use. The entire company has come together to work for change by creating a fun and fulfilling place to work for their employees.

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Promoting Sustainable Coffee Productions & Fulfilling Other Goals

Throughout all of their efforts, Green Mountain Coffee has promoted sustainable coffee which truly should be enough to sway any customer to join in on their cause by purchasing their delicious beverages. No matter who you plan to give these fantastic gifts to, it is a gesture that should be appreciated by those who are environmentally and socially conscious of their surroundings. Some of the triumphs that have come about by their valued customers’ support through the purchases of gift coffees and teas from Green Mountain Coffee are listed briefly as follows:

  • Poverty and hunger has been reduced in their supply chain combating the ever growing issues at hand. • A fund has been created to help prepare for natural disasters in many areas.
  • Community outreach of coffee-growing areas has been increased at 5.23%.
  • The Green Mountain Coffee carbon footprint has been reduced thanks to offsetting emissions.
  • Their overall energy usage has been reduced as well. Each year at Green Mountain Coffee old goals are achieved, often surpassed, and new goals are made.

With a complete listing of their proud accomplishments available right on their website, every person who helped to contribute to these accomplishments can join in on the celebrations. Green Mountain Coffee is continually working to improve their operations and provide a way for each and every consumer to jump on board and help them out with their cause.

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