How To Make A Water Filter With Sand? – A Step By Step Guide

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People need water to survive and yet about the maximum amount of people in the world do not have access to clean water.

Finding ways to clean water is important because dirty water can cause health problems.

Filtration is a cleaning method that is used by water companies around the world and is also a natural process that occurs when water is filtered through materials, such as sand and rocks, into the soil.
Although sand and rocks can be used to create your own water filter.

In case of emergency or need, as part of an irrigation system for the garden in case the water we use is not of quality, or simply as an ornamental element, building a sand filter is not complicated.

Complete Guide To Make A Water Filter With Sand

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Sand or gravel filters, both industrial and those that we can build ourselves, emulate the process of natural water filtering as it passes through the ground to underground aquifers. By passing the water through the gravel and sand, the particles that it carries get trapped.

One of the first applied techniques for water purification was that of slow sand filters.

Through its use, it was possible to eliminate existing impurities and drastically reduce the number of people suffering from diseases such as cholera.

This principle for water treatment has been adapted to give solutions on a small scale, and for single-family use.

In this way, those waters that have a cloudy appearance may be passed through filtering materials and achieve better conditions through this process.

In these filters, useful collaborating bacteria are developed for the elimination of parasites that cause diseases that could have the turbid water to filter.

Steps To Make A Water Filter With Sand


The simple process of sand water filter is, first of all, we will prepare the container for the water purification filter. In the lower part of the container, a small hole with a diameter of 2-3 cm is made. In this way, the water quickly filters out of its malignant bacteria.

At the same time, you can also use a container or a barrel with a dispenser at the end, or a plastic container with a lid. Wash the container with the help of a detergent, and then with a little antibacterial soap.

Rinse it with the utmost care with water and then clean the stones with an identical system. It is already very advanced. Now we have to fill in the part that will act as a purifying filter.

We must position the different materials according to an order and an accurate amount to make sure that everything is going in the right direction.

In addition the drum, or the jar if we want it to be decorative too, need to have an approximate height of one meter since around the lower 70 centimeters will be occupied by the different layers of gravel.

The top 30 centimeters will be empty and will form the space where we will pour the water.

This water will be filtered gradually by the effect of gravity through the different layers of sand.

In the lower part of the jar, we can place the stop valve to close the water outlet in case of need.

The order of the various layers in the drum are 25 cm of medium stones, 12 centimeters of small stones, 3 cm of gravel, another 3 of coal, 2 of gravel, 6 of fine sand, plus 6 of sand and then 12 small stones. The thicknesses of the layers, as well as the sizes of the gravel and stones, are somewhat approximate.

We can try different sizes until we find the one that best suits our needs.

Pour the dirty water over the top of the bottle. Watch the water running through the sand and gravel.
Collect the water at the end of the filter and compare it with the initial dirty water.

In our daily routine life drinking filtered water daily, in sufficient quantity, will help significantly to maintain health and live longer because in your body will not accumulate foreign substances, which should not be ingested in any way.

By having filtered water we get a significant daily saving because we no longer have to buy water bottle to drink.

We also save ourselves having to carry the bottles to our home and pollute the environment by getting rid of them.

Wrapping It Up!!!

Adding water to the sand filtration process is beneficial for transport because it eliminates bacteria, but it is not beneficial for our body to ingest it.

Filtering the water not only frees us from this element, but it significantly improves the taste of the water, by making it more natural.

With water filters you can have filtered and treated water in your home and because of its better health conditions, it will help you to keep your body clean of impurities.

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