What is the indispensable items of the sniper?

Dedicated guns, viewfinders, designer bullets, camouflage clothing are indispensable items for snipers.

Viewfinder and shooting glasses

Gunners sniper target range from a distance so the viewfinder is indispensable. The viewfinder allows the gunner to clearly see the target to determine the firing position to kill the enemy with only one shot. Sniper gunners will use the optical viewfinder during daytime combat and infrared viewfinder to shoot nightly.What is the indispensable items of the sniper

To choose the best one, you need to watch best shooting glasses to understand more about it. Modern viewfinders can help shooters hit targets at distances of up to 2,000 meters. Each sniper rifle consisted of two men, a gunner and an observer. Observers will use special binoculars, which integrate the ability to measure wind speed, temperature, humidity and laser rangefinders.

The wind speed and temperature indexes do not affect the accuracy of the shot. The external viewfinder makes it easy to see the target with a viewfinder adjustment function suitable for the environment.

Dedicated guns

Shooting is a very special task, so the equipment used for this task must be built according to the specific standards. The sniper rifle is the first item to have. Basically, the sniper rifle is a design rifle. High accuracy is the No. 1 standard for a sniper rifle. The accuracy of a gun is largely based on the barrel’s accuracy. For sniper rifles, one would have to manufacture the gun barrel according to the strictest standards and not be mass-produced massively. With modern standards, a standard sniper rifle must have a MOA (min-angle) less than 1 MOA (equivalent to a bullet deflection of 2,908 cm at 100 meters


In addition to standard gun barrels, ammunition is an important factor in the accuracy of a sniper rifle. People made bullets for snipers with very low tolerances. The warheads were tapered and slightly tapered, giving better ballistic performance, while reducing air resistance. The velocity of the bullet from the barrel of the gun is also an important requirement for sniper rifles. Sniper snipers often destroy targets at great distances, so the bullet must have enough kinetic energy to deal damage. Depending on the type of guns and ammunition, the speed of the sniper rifle ranges from 800-1,000 m / s. This velocity will help the bullet ensure the kinetic energy needed. Standard bullets used for sniping NATO ground infantry are 7.62 x 51 mm, Soviet standard is 7.62 x 54 mm.Sniper


The sniper’s firepower is a secret, so concealing the location of the shooter is vital to the gunner. Each time on duty, the sniper must camouflage mixed into the environment. Depending on the environmental conditions, there are different camouflage techniques. The usual camouflage clothing of the sniper is Ghillie, a fabric that resembles a leaf. Players must choose the location that has the best view, the least detectable, usually they will choose locations that are not exposed directly to the sun. They also have to use materials that do not reflect light from the viewfinder. In addition to conventional camouflage, some gunner cases use camouflage shielding against thermal imaging. They will use plastic or silver foils to minimize the degree of thermal exposure. Another important item is radio communication. It is an important tool for exchanging information between snipers and scouts. The player selects the target, firing time based on the information the scouts provide for maximum tactical effectiveness.

To sum up, rifles, viewfinders, custom-designed ammunition, camouflage clothing and contact radios are indispensable items for snipers, helping to destroy targets from a distance. I hope this article will useful for you. Good luck. Don’t forget Chatimeca

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