How To Treat Puffy Eyes without Spending a Lot of Money

No matter you have extremely puffy-looking eyes. There are still easy-to-follow ways to treat them up.

To begin with, we have treatments for you which will help you in curing your puffy eyes.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on treating this issue. Check out these below-written ways as to how to treat puffy eyes. And give your big thanks to us then!

Most importantly, it is because of lack of sleep and allergies that you get puffy eyes.

Furthermore, overindulgence gives you this problem as well. Eyes are the windows of your soul. For the reason that, do take care of them on extensive notes.

Most probably, there are a host of reasons which give you swollen and bloated eyes.

If you are tired from this eyes puffiness issue. Then without wasting any time follow these quick and easy-to-follow remedies.

Application of Raw Potatoes Treat Bloated Looking Eyes:

Treat Bloated Looking Eyes

Most noteworthy, the application of raw potatoes has the potential to cure your puffy eyes.

It is by applying the thin slices of raw potatoes to your eyes that you can easily fix this issue of yours.

However. raw potatoes do not look much glamorous and entertaining as raw cucumbers.

Still, we are confident that this remedy will work for you. Moreover, it is their starchy eyes that shall cure your bloated and inflated eyes wholly.

We swear on this remedy. Thus, this is the recommended way to reduce your puffiness. And also it helps you to cure and treat your dark circle’s issue. Just slice up the raw potatoes.

Put them in the cold water. Or you can keep them in the refrigerator until they get fully chilled.

Finally, place those cold potato slices on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Using Cold Compress Technique:

In addition, we have another remedy for you. This is a budget-friendly treatment. Most probably, it is a cold compress that will instantly eradicate puffiness present around your eyes.

Besides, it is these cold things that manage to reduce swelling.

Place a cold compress on your eyes.

This remedy is extremely rejuvenating. Furthermore, it will make your eyes extremely fresh looking.

Just take a soft cloth. Wrap up ice in it. Place it on your puffed eyes. Even more, you can call it a chilled eye mask as well.

Using Sliced Cucumbers Cure Inflated and Baggy Eyes:

Baggy Eyes

Most certainly, this treatment will work in a great way for you.

Just get the sliced chilled cucumbers in your hands. And place them in your eyes. This remedy encompasses a lot of power. Moreover, sliced cucumbers have anti-oxidant properties in them.

This property will help you in reducing irritation around your eyes.

However, follow this treatment. And manage to reduce the presence of inflammation and swelling present around your eyes.

Most importantly, cucumbers have powerful flavonoids which can reduce irritation thoroughly as well.

Keep Your Head In An Elevated Condition As You Sleep:

Moreover, you should keep your head in an elevated position when you sleep. Beyond, one of the important causes of getting swollen and bloated eyes.

It is that you do not keep your head in an elevated pose as you sleep! If your head will not get entered into an elevated position, then your eyes will look baggy and bloated in the morning time.

They will look and appear more swollen and puffy. Hence, make sure to sleep by keeping your head in an elevated pose. You can use two to three pillows as well.

Reduce The Consumption of Salt:

Reduce The Consumption of Salt

Most certainly, you will often get puffy and baggy-looking eyes because you consume salt a lot.

If you want to remove puffiness and swelling around your eyes, then avoid consuming salt. Stop eating salty foods.

Furthermore, it is this salt that lets your skin cells retain more amount of water.

And thus making eyes extreme puffy looking. Besides, it is recommended to kick out the habit of eating any kind of salty snacks before you sleep.

Make sure to have food that contains low salt content.

Apply Chilled Chamomile Tea Bags on Your Puffy Eyes:

In addition, the usage of chilled chamomile tea bags can immediately and quickly sure your bloated and swollen eyes.

This is one of the natural remedies which are cost-friendly too. Furthermore, they are proven by science at the same time.

Most importantly, it is reported and proved that chamomile comprises anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also packed with antimicrobial properties. Thus, it is advised to place chamomile chilled tea bags on your eyes.

Just rest these tea bags on your eyes. And see the amazing results. You will feel refreshing too.

Take Lots of Rest:

Take Lots of Rest

How About Taking A Rest?

One of the distinguished causes and reasons that you get puffy eyes. It is that there is no rest time in your life.

If you will stay up late at night and have mobile time for constant 16 hours, then get ready to welcome puffy eyes.

Taking lots of rest will eventually help your body recuperate. And your puffy eyes get heal up as well.

It is advised to sleep for 8 to 10 hours. Moreover, come out from your busy schedule routine. And give some rest to your body and eyes. During your rest, turn off your mobile phone.

Take a proper nap. And avoid all distractions which come in your rest time.

Massage Your Eyes:

Most certainly, massaging your eyes will no longer give you bloated, baggy, and swollen eyes. Note that this temporary eye puffiness is mainly and generally caused because of the building up of lymphatic fluid.

This issue can get cured if you will do a regular massage of your eyes.

Besides, this massage routine will encourage the lymphatic drainage process. Instead of using any of the cosmetic creams. It is suggested to use and follow this massaging technique.

Control and Cure Your Allergies:

Control and Cure Your Allergies

People often get puffy eyes because they are negatively affected by certain allergies.

Upon treating those allergies, your puffy eyes issue will get solved too. Furthermore, it is because of allergies that your body reacts in an over-the-top and extreme way.

Allergies eventually release different chemicals into your body. And thus, stimulate varied body systems and functioning processes of yours. Moreover, allergies turn your eyes immensely puffy looking.

Your nasal passages get to swell. And your eyes get red and watery. Consequently, control your allergies. And get rid of bloated eyes too.

Using Eye Therapy Patches:

Even more, the application and usage of eye therapy patches are greatly recommended.

This is a miracle product. Most importantly, it is immediately effective. They are a kind of strips which are placed under your eyes.

It is for 30 minutes duration that you have to place these strips.

Besides, these eye therapy patches are mainly soaked with the presence of natural ingredients. No doubt these strips are immensely hydrating.

Say No To Alcohol:

Say No To Alcohol

One of the absolute reasons that you get puffy and bloated eyes, is because of alcohol consumption.

Most certainly, it is due to alcohol consumption that your body cells fail to collect as well as distribute oxygen to the other body tissues.

If you will drink alcohol, then your body cells and tissues will not get the right amount of nutrients.

This practice will negatively affect your eyes as well. Moreover, you may experience poor skin elasticity issues. Your body will lose hydration.

Thus, it is best to quit alcohol.

Improve Your Lifestyle:

There is another easy way to treat puffy eyes. It is by bringing constructive and productive improvements in your lifestyle.

Moreover, try to eat less salty food. Besides, drink more water. Have less alcohol. Make sure not to smoke.

Try to do exercise. Have proper sleep. This is how you will always get puffy-free eyes.

Using Chilled Eye Drops:

Using Chilled Eye Drops

The minute you notice that you are having puffy and swollen eyes.

Then you can freely use these chilled eye drops. Get a bottle of all-natural eye drops. Most importantly, always keep it in the refrigerator. Just use a single drop of it on each of your eyes.

This remedy will absolutely give you refreshing results. Moreover, you will get the feel as if you have taken a cold shower.

Hence, even while you are traveling. Make sure to keep such chilled eye drops with you.


To summarize, never and ever take stress if you do not want to experience the pain of puffy and bloated eyes.

Stress largely and mainly contributes to puffiness and swelling around your eye area. Thus, we will more share easy to follow relaxation techniques with you.

First, try these remedies. And instantly heal your puffy eyes. You can share with us which ways you opt while curing your inflated, baggy, and puffy eyes.

We are sure those remedies will count as effective treatment techniques as well.

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