Reasons make you use salted shredded shrimp for your kids

I have been first kid 2 years ago. The first time to be mother I was really worried and be like fish out of water. I tried to find the best methods from everywhere, how to take care, how to teach, how to be a good mom, etc. It had been hard for me when I had to care my kid and continue working as the same time.

I decided sending her to day-care center. For several months at center, my kid had become fussy of eating, this heady me again. Fortunately, my colleagues suggested salted shredded shrimp from I brought it and happily, it worked, my kid had enjoyed it, ate more and grown healthier.

Top 4 Reasons make you use salted shredded shrimp for your kids

  1. Stimulate appetite
  2. Easy to cook
  3. Believable stores in Ha Noi
  4. Salted shredded shrimp from S-food

Reasons make you use salted shredded shrimp for your kids


Continuing buying salted shredded shrimp was not good solution, I was worried about nutrition content, preservative substance, toxic chemical, etc. They would be harmful to my kid. I was determined to learn how to make salted shredded shrimp. You may know how to make it at this link, it is really useful

Salted shredded shrimp is quite healthy, delicious. Your children should try it and you will see the effective.

Salted shredded shrimp

Stimulate appetite

I myself have never ever thought that I would let my kid use salted shredded shrimp. One time, accidentally, I saw information of nutrition content then tried to buy it and I received a surprised result. Salted shredded shrimp has a lot of protein, vitamins, plenty of calcium and DHA. It helped my child grew perfectly, higher, smarter, ate more and out of rickets.

In introduction of complementary foods, I milled salted shredded shrimp into porridge. I changed ingredients in porridge by adding many kinds of vegetables like cabbage, china squash, amaranth, etc. With child over a year, you can add salted shredded shrimp into their menu like other dish. A bit older than a year, hot rice and salted shredded shrimp, simple but worked, it would make your kids want to eat more and more.

Easy to cook

Problem of be fussy about eating is regular and difficult to solve. My friends always groan because of their children fussy again. I told them about salted shredded shrimp and problem is solved. Salted shredded shrimp is aliphatic, buttery taste and work well with rice or porridge, children will be delighted.

Salted shredded shrimp and rice or adding another vegetables, meat, this recipe will stimulate appetite. The nutrition content of salted shredded shrimp is rich and safety, you can set your mind at rest.

Salted shredded shrimp is easy to cook, not take too much time. If you don’t have time to make it at home, you might think of buying available salted shredded shrimp. Shrimp includes plenty of nutrient, you cook it with rice, porridge, vegetables that will make many new, strange, delicious for your kid’s menu.

Believable stores in Ha Noi

You can buy salted shredded shrimp everywhere in grocery store, supermarket. Morever, you also can make it by yourself. I am an official worker, busy all day and I buy available salted shredded shrimp. Searching many times, I decided to choose S-food, a famous branch of salted shredded shrimp.

S-food‘s products are fresh, safety food, no preservation substance, no food coloring, no toxic chemical and high nutrition content. This business has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for qualified and safety food.

Here is the information of S-food, you should have a check

S-food Fresh Food

Number 8, alley 1, Linh Nam, Mai Dong Precint, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City

Hotline: 0985 555 065

Email: [email protected]

Salted shredded shrimp from S-food

The manufacturing process of salted shredded shrimp from S-food is absolutely handicraft. Input ingredients are chosen strictly. Shrimp grow naturally, catched directly, always fresh.

S-food use food protecting technology of the United Kingdom, so that, we can use pots of salted shredded shrimp for over 3 months without toxic chemical.


Salted shredded shrimp from S-food is packaged in glass pots, vacuum-sealed therefore in good condition it can be used within 90 days and still fresh and delicious.

The first time using salted shredded shrimp from S-food, I used to be worried about its quality but found out more, I recognized that this product extremely good for my kid so I decided continue using it and become a true fan of S-food. I have also shared this information to my neighbors, they used it and completely convinced.

Bonus for you video instructing how to make salted shredded shrimp at home


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