Build A Home Gym In 2019 With Top Rogue Exercise Equipment

Many people support home gyms that are easily loved for convenience, quiet, no creeps, no driving, no crowds, no monthly fees, and no equipment queues. Everything needed is available, and they can exercise whenever they want or have time.

Owning a private gym makes you need to pay a bit of money to start. But remember that it is important to equip what you need, not what professional gyms have.

If you’re looking to set up a gym that you’ll actually use, here are the top Rogue exercise equipment you should consider buying.

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

It is the first exercise equipment that we want to mention because it’s obviously the essential thing you need. Rogue has a number of different bars in terms of price and user objects.

By standard, the female’s is designed with smaller hands in mind with the diameter of the bar shaft is 25mm (while the male’s bar shaft diameter is 28-29mm). However, that is just the reference data. The important thing is that you choose the bar shaft which fits your hand.

Knurling is also something to mention. You will definitely want to avoid bars with center knurling which is for powerlifting. It can even cut you up badly while high rep clean and jerks. In short, choose a good bar with a knurl passive.

What about sleeves? The ones of the Ohio Power Bar are operated through the copper bushing, creating a consistent spin. Of course, the spin should be a preferred choice when it comes to a power bar, but you’ll be surprised to know that they spin freely even when it’s minimal.


  •       The knurl is rough, deep and not too sharp.
  •       There are four types of bars with different types of finishes that fit many people’s budgets and interests.
  •       Its design is great.
  •       Reasonable price (from 250 dollars to 395 dollars, depending on the version).
  •       The resale price is the best.
  •       Its specifications meet the IPF and other power link guidelines.


  •       The center knurl is aggressive. That can be negative with a high bar squatter.
  •       The plate-slide benefit does not outweigh the louder effectively.

Rogue Flat Utility Bench

It is a good bench at an affordable price. Although its design has many shortcomings, it still satisfies user requirements. Many even commented that it was better than any other bench, including the Monster Utility Bench.

Rogue Flat Utility Bench is Rogue’s best economic bench. With a height of about 17.5″ and a piece of Thompson Fat Pad, it is different from others.

The most outstanding feature of this bench is that it is fully welded, making the setup time to be minimal. All you need to do to get it ready is bolting the pad onto the frame.

According to Rogue, the bench’s legs are slightly outward to increase its stability. They are even affixed to the feet by a pass-through joint. That is an upgrade of the original butt joint.

Another great thing is that this bench weighs only 40 lbs. Therefore, although there is no wheel, you can easily move it anywhere. The attachable rubber end caps are also available for the feet to prevent scuffs on the floor. That is appreciated by many users.


  •       The frame is fully welded to avoid excessive assembly.
  •       The bench was very solid because it was tested with 1.000 lbs and won.
  •       The end caps protect the floor from scratches.
  •       With a weight of only 40 lbs, it is easily moved even without wheels.
  •       Reasonable price. The resale price is also great.
  •       Except for the end caps, nothing on the bench is plastic.
  •       The pad is quite thick.


  •       Many users have trouble with the height of the bench. However, you can overcome this by adding a Fat Pad.
  •       The chair design can cause problems, depending on whether you use leg drive or not.

Rogue R3 Power Rack

The Rogue R3 power rack is designed with 2 × 3 11-gauge steel tubing with 5/8 ″ bolts and fasteners. This design is very solid and suitable for most users. It was even tested with 1.000 lbs and won.

One of the most popular features of this rack is the 1″ Westside hole spacing. This space is useful for setting safeties and bench press. However, one drawback is that the holes are not numbered so you will have difficulty with lining up J-hooks and safeties.

The Rogue R3 Power Rack comes with two pull bars: skinny bar and fat bar. They help stabilize the uprights in an extremely effective way. Besides, the rack also comes with other standard services like battery & safeties, 4 band pegs, and Infinity J-cups. The safeties battery & pipe get the job done, but they are quite bulky and have no protective layer. The band pegs can be slotted low or high.


  •       Its low profile makes it perfect for small spaces like home or apartment.
  •       It was tested with 1,000 lbs and won.
  •       1 ″ Westside hole spacing optimally allows setting up safeties and benches.
  •       It is very flexible. You can add many accessories to this rack.
  •       You can set high or low band pegs on the rack.
  •       Reasonable price (from 700 dollars to 725 dollars, depending on the version).


  •       You need to mount it on the floor because it only has a small footprint.
  •       Many users commented that they had difficulty working with pin and pipe safeties.

So you’ve just learned the top Rogue exercise equipment you should buy for your gym. Finally, we have a piece of advice for you: if you want to use your money to buy the gear you need from one place, Rogue is definitely a great place. Their products always make customers feel satisfied.

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