Saatva Vs Purple Comparison. Buy Now Best Mattress

Saatva Vs Purple Comparison

In this article, an attempt is made in persuading a tally over two well-known mattresses in USA – Purple and Saatva. These two varieties have their own unique features that cause the popularity. An assessment of the relative qualities and prejudices will enable the partners to ascertain the better and there is recommendation to help them too.

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Purple vs Saatva Mattress

The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

This mattress is known to provide best in providing quality sleep at night. The unique configuration comprises of a combination of foam and hyper-elastic grade material. This unique combination makes out the bringing of a feel of comfort. The body weight is evenly dispersed along the length of the mattress and the sooth thus generated help an unperturbed nap. This mattress resembles both firm and softness as and when desired thus assumed to have medium firmness. This sort of variety is achieved by the Smart Grid design. Though sold to sleepers of all type, these mattresses are known to provide best support and comfort to side and back sleepers.


  • These mattresses are available at prices that is a fraction of similar type Memory and Latex foam mattresses.
  • The top layer dissipates pressure between mattresses and results in providing a perfect spinal alignment for sleepers.
  • The quality of sleep is much cooler than maximum varieties of Memory Foam mattresses available in the market.
  • The Smart Grid design again able to reduce the various pressure points causing sound and quality sleep.
  • The mattress is able to provide solutions for neck and back ache.


  • There is no Twin or Full sized variety is available.
  • The edge support is more than often prejudiced.
  • The size of the mattress has often made it inaccessible for oversized people.

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Customize your Saatva Sleep Experience

These mattresses are produced by Saatva – a leader in luxury coil mattress. The cutting edge technology is used to assure a flawless night nap. These mattresses are built with ‘coin on coil’ construction. It comprises of two sets of individually wrapped coils that can easily respond to body contour and tempered steel coils to prevent drooping over the long term. These mattresses have three comfort levels, viz., Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. Plush Soft level makes side sleepers feel engrossed in the bed. The Luxury Firm level finds same comfort level in the finest hotels. It encompasses equal comfort for all types of sleepers. Finally Firm Mattress level is for those who sleep on back and stomach. These will bring the feel of floating rather than sinking into it. Saatva Vs Purple Mattress

The special quality of these mattresses lies in the fact that these provide isolated motion. The mattresses allow for adequate air ventilation. The light sleepers feel discomfort in foam mattresses as it equips some heat all the time. But, the heat dissipating capacity of Saatva mattresses along with an organic cotton back cover helps to keep the mattress dry and cool.  Partners are not least disturbed with the movement of any one or tossing of the either party. This is due to the presence of wrapped suspended coils. The light sleepers find this mattress ideal for use. The manufacturer though estimates the life-time for such mattresses around 12-5 years, but that still need some verification.


  • This type of mattress finds equally applicable for all shades of sleeping.
  • The uniqueness of these products lies in the fact that couples with advantages of both innerspring and foam mattresses
  • These mattresses are well-rounded option as it attracts those people looking for premium mattress at accessible prices.
  • The advanced technology ensures high quality manufacturing like the other best mattresses in the market
  • The price offered is much less than other contemporary mattresses and the customer service is excellent


  • This is a comparatively newer product that has made the manufacturer in an unsure position in providing guarantee about the longevity.

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Who Is Best between Purple vs Saatva ?

Both the products carry equivalent features and carry almost no edge over the other. Both of them are available in combination of foam and construction. But the Saatva mattresses provide layers of comfort which is unique about these products. And, Purple mattress has a finite size. Thus, Saatva mattresses are more recommendable and I would like to go for it.

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