Sexism in US Universities

Like a racism, sexism has also a huge impact on the modern society. Many female students around the world cannot feel comfortable around the group of guys, who are always insulting them due to gender. In this article, we write about sexism in American universities in-depth.

American Universities and Sexism

Even though American universities are trying to improve different social aspects of students, strong issues like racism and sexism still exist. The diversity changes on many college campuses have increased, but some group of people, like minorities or women, may face discrimination in a different way. Such irrational and stupid processes can only create unhealthy environments and decrease the overall academic performance of such groups (women, minorities).

The worst thing that the status of the college, its size, or geographic location does not matter and you can see the same problems all over the country. Unlike racism, sexism issue can be hidden by the administration of college under the non-response activity. Many of those do not like to spread news regarding some social issues inside their campuses in order to keep reputation on the highest level. However, if a problem exists inside the walls of college’s campus – nowadays, it is just a matter of time for such issue to become widespread. Mostly, the strong engagement of social media resources makes its high impact. In a few hours, such discrimination can be reposted through many people, and the next day you can see the next picture – two or three mini-vans of local mass media are on the parking. More covered social topics – read on essaywanted.

Sexism and its effect

The psychological motives behind these people’s behavior, who often demonstrate negative attitude towards female or international students can be described as microaggressions. Different emotions and behavior can be seen in a wide diapason – from simple and open contempt to rolling of man’s eyes when a woman/minority member speaks.

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In such hostile environment, still, some students from both groups are not looking to report about unwelcoming situations, being afraid that they can lose their friends or reputation respectively. Moreover, the existence of support and help in mentioned situations can be ignored due to the fear factor. A chain of negative actions towards women or international students always leads to poor academic performance and the possible existence of some psychological issues. Women students are always studying under the high pressure, and most of them tend to believe that they do not belong to this campus even if they achieved it. The lack of additional women activities can be also a factor that makes the overall stress even greater. In such way, women students become another minority that cannot study or participate in campus’ life equally. In many examples around the country, women students are open and ready to switch the college if they became a victim of sexism, especially in a combination with racism. Unfortunately, there is a small percentage of universities in the US that understand such issues and make serious improvements to prevent the existence of such.


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