Six Amazing Drinks To Prepare With A Coffee Maker

No matter how you like your coffee, you can get one with the help of a branded coffee maker such as Keurig. There are not many coffee maker brands that have features and functionality like Keurig. A coffee maker should make just a cup of coffee because that’s something you can do without having a coffee maker. The reason why you have bought or are planning to buy a coffee maker is the variety of drinks that you would get with the help of a coffee maker.


A branded coffee maker brand like Keurig has incorporated a plenty of features in their machines to cater to different needs of the people. You should check out Keurig coffee maker reviews (Visit this link: in order to find the right model that fulfills all your requirements in the best possible way.

If your preference is a mild coffee, then the coffee maker should get you a mild coffee, and if you want to have a strong coffee, then the coffee maker should have adjustable settings to give you that. Besides that, a coffee maker should be able to produce different types of drinks other than a just latte, cappuccino, Americano, and Espresso. The settings for these four types of coffee are given in every coffee maker. What new a coffee maker can offer is going to make a difference.

Today, we will be discussing holiday drinks that you can make in a branded coffee maker like the ones manufactured by Keurig. Before we start with the drinks, it is important if you could brew a pot of coffee (preferably decaffeinated) for your family members and friends who are not willing to have a drink that contains caffeine. You can brew the coffee in a thermos in order to prevent it from getting bitter.

Holiday drinks that you can make with the help of your coffee maker

Non-alcoholic drinks

If you are able to find out the ingredients that match the richness and intensity of coffee, then you can surely transform a cup of coffee into something mind-blowing.

Chocolate Coffee

This is another great drink that comprises of white chocolate and dark chocolate, as both of them work great together. For this, you need to stir in 1-2 tbsps., of powdered hot chocolate or chocolate syrup for each cup of black coffee that has been brewed. If you want, you can select a peppermint hot chocolate blend as well. When it comes to garnishing, then you can take a candy cane. You should make a syrup instead of using cocoa powder, as it will turn grainy. Mix cocoa powder, 1 tbsp., each of lukewarm water and superfine sugar and mix this mixture with warm milk and syrup. You can also make use of a hot chocolate mix that is available on the market. Buy that mix, which can be easily dissolved in the hot liquid.

Six Amazing Drinks To Prepare With A Coffee Maker

Flavorful Coffee Pairings

In all coffee drinks, the amount of coffee added ranges from one tbsp., to one cup. If you want to have cold coffee drinks, then you will have to keep brewed coffee in the refrigerator for a couple of hours in order to make sure that the coffee is properly chilled. You need to innovate a bit if you want to create something unique and extraordinary.

Irish Coffee

If you are interested in this drink, then you just need three ingredients besides coffee. Add two tablespoons of bourbon/whiskey and sugar along with ¾ cup of coffee. On top of the coffee, add a couple of tbsps., of lightly-whipped cream.

Flavoured Coffee

You can create a flavored coffee drink by adding 1-2 tbsps., of the liqueur you like. It could be almond-flavored Amaretto, hazelnut-flavored Frangelico or crème de cassis.

Classic Coffee Cocktails

This is one of those drinks that was quite popular 20 years ago and is popular even today. This is because of the ingredients and flavors, which are present in this drink, which makes it delicious and refreshing.

Spanish Coffee

You must have had Spanish coffee before, but try adding 1-2 tablespoons of Kahlua along with two tbsps., of triple sec and rum. The entire flavor of Spanish coffee gets changed with these. If you don’t know what triple sec is, then it is an orange-flavored liqueur. You can have this drink with your friends in the evening.

Eggnog Coffee Latte

In this, you will have to use the same amount of eggnog and black brewed coffee. You won’t believe that how an eggnog can change a boring black brewed coffee into an extraordinary treat. You will have to warm eggnog for about 30 seconds in the microwave for each ½ cup.

Coffee With Liquor

Coffee blends perfectly with Irish whiskey, bourbon, brandy, and rum. These add to the depths of the roasted flavor of coffee. You can add 2 tbsps., of strongly brewed coffee to the cocktail that you like to drink.

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