Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when traveling to Ha Long

Halong not only attracts tourists by the landscape but also by unique food.

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when traveling to Ha Long

Discover 10 famous dishes of Ha Long that visitors should not miss when coming here!

Top 10 famous dishes should not be missed when traveling to Ha Long

Fried squid-cake

Fried squid-cake is the most well-known and special dish of Halong. If tourists come there but not enjoy squid-cake, they can not feel the full flavor and features of the sea. Fried squid-cake is crispy outside, juicy inside and taste sweet.

Hoang Bo rice Alcohol

Hoang Bo rice alcohol is made of local glutinous rice. Sticky rice is left the whole, cooked, then brewed. When the alcohol is fermented, it is soaked in with Hoang Bo leaves for a period of time to add more flavor.

Pancake rolls

The rolls are made of rice, meat, mushrooms, onion, and served with Ha Long squid-cake. Visitors should not ignore this dish when coming here.

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Corrugata fried noodle

This is a popular dish along Chanh river in Quang Yen district, Yen Hung district and Ha Long city. This dish at first sight will not be very eye catching. If this is your first try, you may not be able to eat this, but if you enjoy it, it will “crush” your very own taste.

Small octopus

Halong octopus is a typical dish of sea. Small Octopus are so small that their size only by the toes of children. This creature digs holes in the mud, especially on the sea shore, they live shyly near the mouth of the hole so some people call it “hole”.

Sea Worm

Sea worm, also known as deep sand worm, only has in Ha Long. Stirred sea worm with vegetable and garlic is delicious. It can seduce any tourists at first try. Dried worm will turn dark, then roasted, eat very crunchy and smell good. It can be used to cook water for Pho, the water is very sweet.

Sea Sam

Sam is a kind of crustacean shells – attractive creature of Ha Long. Sam is used to prepare many delicious dishes such as sam soup, sam salad, sam fried with sweet, sour sauce, sam grilled with lemongrass, chili, crispy fried sam egg, or stirred with noodle.


This is an appetizing dish of Van Don island where snout can be made into variety dishes such as steamed, cooked, cooked porridge, baked, or soup which are very attractive.

Nail snail Ha Long

Nail snail

Finest nail snail stirred with herd, vegetable, and some salt is very good to cure headache. Besides that, steamed nail snail with beer is also a favorite food for tourists when coming to Ha Long. This dish is served with lemon, pepper and lemongrass.

Yen Tien Duck

This type of duck is crossbred between duck and goose will definitely give tourist a strange flavor but very tasty.

Yen Tien duck is usually served with sauce made from Cat Tien, Van Yen, Cat Hai with sweet savor, herb from Guangxi and the hot taste of Tien Yen ginger.

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