How To Make A Water Filter For Home Use? – (A Step By Step Guide):

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Here we have shared a whole step-by-step process to accomplish the job.

Water purification filters are very useful both in the city and in the countryside, especially when drinking water is lacking.

Each liquid can be purified with the help of a filter, it is also capable of preventing very serious diseases such as cholera.

A water purification filter is also necessary for many areas of the planet, where there are no healthy water sources and access to a public network, in isolated areas or places where the few existing resources do not allow, human ingenuity to capture and purify the water.

Water is essential.

In the following lines, we show you how to make a water purifier filter in the home, without the need to buy any kind of complicated appliance.

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A Complete Guide To Make A Water Filter For Home Use:

Water Filter For Home Use

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In this way, dirt and harmful substances to our body can be removed from each centiliter of water, making it a healthy drink.

As always, we will start with the tools necessary to carry out our small mission.

First, you should have a plastic container or a simple barrel, from a height of about one meter.

So take some fine sand and gravel.

To all this, we must add the stones of different sizes, some small and others large.

Finally, we must not forget fossil or active carbon.

Now let’s see the steps to follow to make water much more beneficial to our health, eliminating all kinds of toxins.

This type of filter simulates what happens in nature where water is filtered naturally when passing through this type of material, leaving clean springs.

This type of filter uses the mechanical action of passing through sand and gravel to remove the elements that cloud the water and in combination with carbon and benign bacteria also reduce the bacteriological burden of pathogens that could cause damage to our health.

Without wasting more time we will show the perfect method for making the best water filter for home so that you don’t face any type of diseases, especially from the water.

The materials we use for the filter area plastic container about one meter high, Gravel, Fine and clean sand, small rocks, medium stones, and activated carbon.

Moreover, both the plastic container and the stones, sand, and gravel must be prepared before the filter is built.

Steps To Make A Water Filter For Home Use:

Water Filter For Home Use

For this, the container should be cleaned with plenty of clean water and antibacterial soap.

The same with stones and sand that must be cleaned with water and shaken to remove all impurities.

To prepare the container of the home water purification filter, you must make a small hole or two or three centimeters in diameter in its lower part.

Over there the filtered water will come out.

You can also use directly a container or barrel with the dispenser in the lower part, or for example a plastic drum with a lid.

Besides this, the water container tank should be also closed with a lid to be able to access it, a stopcock must be placed for the water to be treated by the upper part and another one in the lower part to extract the water already treated.

The process is very simple only consists of making layers with the materials in an established order so that they fulfill their function, in the case of the scheme of the upper part Antonio uses a tube in the lower exit of the same height of the system.

And the transparent way to know how much water passes through the filter, if the height of the water is equal in the tube that in the filter that indicates that the filter is poorly armed if the level is a little lower it works well and if it is too low it is covered and you have to clean it, this witness is not necessary but it is a good idea very useful.

By reading the above method you may have understood that the principle is very simple, the water enters through the upper part, through the different layers to arrive clean at the end of the route, it is a clean filter, so if you are thinking of a family, you should have another container to store a water reserve filtered to improve the performance of it.

Every 6 months we have to disassemble the filter to wash the sand, the stones, and the gravel and replace the activated charcoal since it loses properties with the passage of time and the water that filters.

The proposed size can be varied according to the needs, we can even make a fast and simple filter with a bottle for example if we are camping and we do not have access to a reliable source of water.


Finally, you will have clean and transparent water.

The final result will be impressive.

You do not have to do anything other than removing the water from the purifying filter and start drinking it with maximum security, as if you had bought it.

Make this test with your own hands!

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