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In every home, it is important that the drink is adequately cold to enjoy it, and it is even more important in meetings with guests where one of the concerns as a host is usually not to run out of ice for drinks.

These devices will make you more relaxed, so you can spend that time attending to your guests and enjoy.

If you have a bar or just want to drink cool drinks, having a machine that can produce ice cubes in seconds is a convenient and practical solution.

Especially when summer is approaching, the need to always have a little ice at your disposal to refresh our drinks or prepare special recipes increases.

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A Complete Guide To Change Water Filter On Ice Machine:

Water Filter On Ice Machine

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The space in the freezer is always too small to accommodate large amounts of cubes, so more and more consumers choose the ice machine.

This product, initially used in the industrial field, is really very useful not only for those who have commercial activities but also in the domestic field since it greatly simplifies the production of ice allowing in a few minutes to obtain cubes of different sizes.

One of the advantages of having an ice machine is that you can make the cubes in a few minutes so that you have the ice at your disposal when you need it, without having to fill bags days before.

The speed at which the cubes are delivered depends mainly on the power of the motor: the higher the wattage, the faster the supply.

A product of good quality must have a power of between 150 and 250 watts: with these values, approximately 15 kg of ice is produced per day.

The speed of delivery of the cubes, that is, the time required to produce the first ice cubes, varies according to the models: a domestic machine produces on average between 12 and 15 cubes in 10 minutes.

Moreover, one of the most worrying aspects when buying an ice machine is the consumption of electricity: since these devices have to remain in operation for a long time to produce many grams of ice, one wonders if the total cost is not too high.

Speaking of energy consumption is almost the same: it is the value of the maximum power that tells us how much an ice machine.

The evaluation of this aspect depends to a great extent on your personal needs: those who need a device that produces large amounts of ice will have to focus on a more powerful model of ice machines that consumes more, while those who want to use this product in the home choose more freely if you want to buy a more compact, less spacious and therefore less powerful ice machine or a more efficient product.

While the ice machines contain a screen which is very useful: thanks to this interface it will be possible to control the ice production process, show the preparation times and easily manage the configuration of different cube formats.

An important aspect to keep in mind is the presence of an LED light that illuminates the screen when the machine is on: in this way you can easily read the data even in poorly lit rooms, such as at a party.

Moreover, the ice machines offer the possibility of inserting a special filter in the tank to purify the water that will make up the ice: this element, although very useful, is not very common in domestic models.

To insert or to change the water filter in ice machines follow the basic steps to enjoy the cool drinks:

So, let’s start with the steps…

Step #1:

Water Filter On Ice Machine

In most ice machines water filters are behind the machine, so, first of all, unplug the electric power of the machine.

Step #2:

The water supply line of the model on the wall should be shut off and a bucket should be placed under the old water filter.

Step #3:

Water Filter On Ice Machine

The water filter should be snapped into the holder and will need to pull out.

The water line connected with the filter should be loosened with the help of pliers.

After that, the supply line connecting to the water filter should be pulled out while holding it down on the connector.

And the old filter should leave in the bucket.

Step #4:

Take the connector from the old filter place it in the bucket. Clean all the threads to be sealant-free.

After that apply the layer of thread seal tape to the old connector of the old filter and now connect it with the new one.

Step #5:

Connect the end of the waterline with the new filter and by twisting the old connector on the new filter you have to change the filter of the ice machine


Keep in mind that the water filters in ice machines; will affect the amount of ice provided.

The information regarding the importance of water filters in the ice machine will be proof with helping note present in the machines.

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