How To Clean Cold Water Filter In A Washing Machine? – A Step By Step Guide:

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Here we have shared a whole step-by-step process to accomplish the job.

When using the washing machine almost daily, it is very common for the filter to fill with fabrics, lint, or even a small object, such as coins or safety pins.

The washer is one of those appliances that make our lives easier; we have our clothes clean in a couple of hours thanks to technology.

Like all things in our home, this appliance needs a thorough cleaning every so often, although many make the mistake of cleaning it superficially, leaving aside other important elements.

When our washing machine has finished washing, it leaves the clothes badly spun or totally wet, it is time to clean the water filter in case it has got stuck with some objects or remains of the washing.

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A Complete Guide To Clean Cold Water Filter In A Washing Machine:

Water Filter In A Washing Machine

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In the filter of the washing machine residues of fibers, lint, and paper are deposited that accumulate over time and clog the filter and prevent the washing machine from washing the clothes correctly.

Cleaning the filter of the washing machine with some frequency is a way to ensure not only a clean and smelly laundry but also that this appliance will last you longer.

When you wash your clothes, no matter how much detergent and softener you use, it still smells bad or not as good as you want, the problem has a name: the filter in the washing machine.

On many occasions, our clothes have a peculiar smell because we have not cleaned this filter.

Moreover, to avoid bottlenecks problems, the washing machines have a filter that is located immediately before the water pump.

This filter is usually accessible to us since it is located at the bottom of the front of the washing machine just behind the trim.

The filter should be screwed out and cleaned of all foreign elements.

When removing the filter, some water will normally come out, so it is advisable to have a low-level container (plate, frying pan, etc.) and a mop handy.

To clean the water filters in the washing machine and avoid the problems follow the steps:

Step #1:

Water Filter In A Washing Machine

Remove the clothes from the drum and remove the water, with a program of emptying or if we can open the door with a small container (a glass) leaving the tank empty, then we look at the trapdoor of the filter some devices have an evacuation tube through which we can affect the discharge of the rest of the water, we collect it in a small container.

Step #2:

Then we loosen the filter cover by turning it anti-clockwise (from right to left), and remove the lid with the filter body, which forms a decantation chamber where foreign objects that prevent or hinder emptying are retained.

Step #3:

We then proceed to clean the filter body and other parts of the filter, as well as the interior of the pump.

Using a flashlight, we look closely at the interior.

At the bottom we will see a small turbine, which is the one that drives the water, we proceed to turn it with your fingers or with a screwdriver, pay attention because in some cases the problem is here, small stones buttons or any other object can block the rotation of the motor pump.

Step #4:

Water Filter Washing Machine

When we are thesure we have removed what blocked drain and the pump can rotate freely, we replace the plug, but before cleaning the gasket and the filter seat to prevent water leakage.

In last, we look to make sure that we have left everything as it was and proceed to test our washing machine, putting a short program, we will see if there are leaks of water by the filter gasket, we hope that it makes an emptying and if everything goes well we should hear the operation of the pump evacuating the water by the drain.

To ensure that the filter works properly it is essential to maintain and clean it every so often.

You should know that if there is water left in the drum after the washing program has finished, it is because the filter has got stuck, and by using the above steps you can clean the cold water filter easily.

To keep your washing machine in perfect condition it is necessary to clean the filter of the washing machine, it is also convenient to do the same with the drum.

You just have to clean the box and start a quick program in the washing machine.

 Wrapping It Up!

You should clean the water filter every two or three months.

If you know you’re going to wash very dirty clothes, quilts, or textiles, it is best that you clean the filter once made the casting.

Whatever You’ve Got! Cleaning your appliances in-depth is really important.

Once the water filter cleaning process is done, the filter in your washing machine will be clean, and in the next wash you do, you will begin to notice the results.

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